Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release, also known as myofascial release technique or MRT, is a therapy that involves rehabilitating the form and function of soft tissues like muscle and fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds muscle fibers). Many neuromusculoskeletal complaints find there origin in the abnormal form, and thus function of muscle and fascia: from acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, to sciatica, to pain and numbness of the hands, and even certain types of headaches. The origin of this aberrant myofascial form/function complex can be caused by numerous phenomena like common sprain/strains, repetitive-use activities, major soft-tissue injuries like car accidents, chronic poor posture, and post-surgical scarring.

The therapy involves the practitioner using their hands or other tools to work out adhesions (or “knots”) in the soft-tissues which in turn increase muscle length, suppleness, and re-educate muscle coordination. This can be done with the patient sitting still, or while they are performing certain arm, leg, or trunk movements that provide for heightened results.

Depending on the level of soft-tissue dysfunction, the treatment may be somewhat uncomfortable or completely painless and even pleasant. Possible side-effects include local soreness and/or bruising for a day or so. This can be mitigated by icing the area in-office or at home for a few minutes. Results can be seen immediately in most cases, or after a few treatments if the condition had been chronic.

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